iCFO Much More Than You Think

A world-class fractional chief financial officer provides more than mere accounting, finance, and administrative assistance; he delivers results far exceeding the standard, delivering a skill-set and results beyond normal expectations. The fractional chief financial officer has leveled the playing field, providing a higher and more flexible level of service within financial reach of most small and medium sized businesses.

On engagement, probably the biggest immediate challenge is the realization that the train is moving and we need to hop on, and it’s not slowing down to pick us up. The stated reason for being retained is rarely the real problem (or at best it’s only one of many.) Our real job is to find out what the problem is, fix it, and make sure it doesn’t continue. Unfortunately because the train isn’t slowing down, the remedy is to deal with both the problem and its symptoms efficiently and effectively in an often chaotic environment.

In nearly all our engagements, the same problems manifest:

  • Poor cash planning
  • Inappropriate and untrained staff
  • Internal operations difficulties
  • Tax miscalculations
  • External stakeholder mismanagement

For more details on these difficult operational and financial issues, our positive results handling these recurring matters, and our service and performance financial guarantee, please download the White Paper.