Charting a Course to Financial Success

Contracting Opportunities

At Trinity Consulting Group International, LLC, our structure and philosophy are built on our commitment to attracting only the most talented independent finance, operations, and accounting professionals in the market based on a mutually held system of values. We provide an intriguing opportunity for continuous challenge, gratification (financial and personal), growth and independence in an atmosphere without the strict corporate control that dulls most job experiences. We make working with us an enticing proposition through:

  • Challenging team roles in a focused environment without the typical corporate distractions.
  • Obligation to one solution delivery assignment at a time, allowing you to fine-tune your career direction after completing each initiative.
  • Financial gratification of the order you are accustomed. Retain your independence while receiving compensation based on hourly effort or solution contribution.
  • Personal gratification in the form of team accomplishments. Enjoy the satisfaction of having contributed to a solution that is operating successfully in the marketplace.

If this sounds like the opportunity that you have been looking for, we encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience.