Charting a Course to Financial Success


We take a holistic approach to our engagements. We recognize that there is a specific situation or need that has brought you to us. However, it is equally important to realize that the specific need or situation does not exist within a vacuum and is often the result of various factors impacting on the entire organization. Consequently, we have developed the Compass Points Program to produce a critical view of your organization and its business processes and identify key areas that may require your closer attention.

Utilizing proprietary analytical processes we have developed a scorecard for reporting on the health of your business. We break down our company-wide analysis into the following component parts.

  • Financial
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Organization
  • Staffing
  • Systems
  • Culture

The Compass Points Program combines detailed interview sessions with senior management and our observations during the engagement to produce an unbiased report on the total health of your business. A written report is delivered at the conclusion of each engagement specifying areas in need of further attention and recommending a remedial course of action.